And yeah, i have pictures of already, even a test video of Mushuruu swinging a drill fowards. Sire has small debut at the end of my New Years video with headphones. It was a early design of him. But it will be in a sfm im wanting to do (5 minutes long) Yes. i am Victorlinear. Dont block me. Listen Saris and everyone. Im done using that account. Dont expect for me to go on that one again and i need some help here turning the freaks i still want to "Sire Train" i changed my youtube username after a long though. A person that sucked

Scion (Kurei to Sire)

A evil demon trapped in a helmet that can posses whoever wears it


A transgender femscout that is a good martial artists


A red heavy lumber jack

(I went Court saying No)


A toxic demoman that can spew poision spores and drill posion into people with a hand drill


A dark red medic that consumes objects that become a part of him temporarily 


A lighting weilding spy freak

Im so excited for this year


Im pulling these guys off the shelf to my new name other can be deleted

Raki Kane , Godspeed, Toymaker, Carbon (I need him still <3) , Teingu, Run, Adrian (Because Volcanus's bro) and finalyy billys group

Yatfusa didnt make the cut. Look at him. He looks so stupid

Teingu never should have existed. Ill keep him. But im changing him

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