• VictorLinear

    PASTRAMI Review

    November 25, 2017 by VictorLinear

    Hi everyone. This is a first for a me. a Freak Concept review on PASTRAMI by EngieSparkDeerbust, and Uncle Crusty.

    As you can see. The Freak concept brings a whole new idea to the platter of the  Freak Concept world. It's Debut video has reached over 2000 views already. 


    Whats that you say?

    That isnt Pastrami?


    Ive made a mistake.

    This is Pastrami

    What do you mean this isnt PASTRAMI? It's....

    This is Pastrami. I remeber seeing this on Dapper Stars. Yeah with Linkaballs and FancyPunkCake. 

    But yes Uncle Crusty. I love his TF2 Persona. 

    Ok Pastrami is a midget bird heavy with the Dadliest Catch equiped. It can make infinite sanviches but sometimes eats other mercenarys because theyre hungry. They will do ANYTHING for food. Thats cute. Real…

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  • VictorLinear

    Hello peeps. Jaquses here. 

    Some of the recent guys ive added arent from tf2 or made in thought of tf2, i do have a outside life and i do draw alot

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  • VictorLinear

    November Update

    October 14, 2017 by VictorLinear

    Hi all. Coming this november, a boss i have made will be released to FF2 

    His name is Saber. A Vampire Medic.


    I suck at making freaks

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  • VictorLinear

    Im Back.

    October 2, 2017 by VictorLinear

    After a long trip to the past in the world which is now no more, Captain Charger (Cirath) comes back the TF2/Tf2 Freak World once more

    And this time it's for ther keeps!

    Originaly made in 2014 Charger is non drinking Demoman

    Armed with a Red Zato, evolved from his orange eyelander


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  • VictorLinear
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