Patriot. He was born somewhere and was trained in Coldfront by Himself! Over years of being in the cold, takiing a nice -50 cold bath in the cold. Sleeping in the cold, etc. His skin became harder than lonsdaleite and diamond. He use's this to go naked (No, he has clothes on) into battle not worrying about himself and helping others.

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He is a hard hitter. He does have a casual look, sporting a beard and a condor cap (How does he do this?) The beard may be a 1$ fake from the dollar store. 

His Katans have a 2 in 1 function! His Katan can split and be attacked to his hands so he can go a 1 1 claw wolverine on enemys. He seemingly has no weakness other than being stuck in ice, or any substance that is hard. He seemingly knows alot about Zombies and a Zombie Virus. and tells freaks to watch out for any activity. He has a "twin" a Soldier sporting the same name but works with a Scout named commando.


"NO! I AM" Patriot says, bashing his Spartan Helmet with his sword

"Guys, you can both have the same name. Now shut up." Commando says.

"K. I am the real Patriot though" Says the Spartan Soldier

"No. I am" Commando Soldier says


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