Creator MrFlipmaster12
Creation 11/9/13
Type Mutant
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Idiot
Fighting style Various
Status Died Many Times
Occupation Idiot
Superiors Vagiper
All Vagis

Vagiprincess appears to be a RED Heavy created by the YouTube user, MrFlipmaster12.


Vagiprincess was once a normal RED Heavy who thought he's a wish-making fairy. The whole team humiliated and embarrassed him a lot, including the BLU team. One day Vagiper and General Vagineer killed 3 of his team-mates, but Vagiper trapped the Heavy. He was going to stab him, but General Vagineer ordered the monstrosity to vagify him.The Heavy was vagifed and Vagiprincess was born.


Vagiprincess appears to be a RED Heavy wearing the Grand Duchess set. He also has a horribly disfigured face , which is a trademark amongst all Vagis.

Behaviour and Personality

Vagiprincess is an idiot and is neutral all the time , but he becomes evil when he is attacked , threatened or scared. He will kill his victims (or will at least try to kill.) His superior Vagiper has to feed him a lot, since Vagiprincess doesn't eat a lot because of his usual harmlessness, but Vagiprincess feeds himself when he kills his victims.

Powers and Abilities

Even though Vagiprincess is an idiot , he has abilities at his disposal:

  • Regrowing back limbs
  • The ability of flight
  • Despite being a Heavy, he's quite fast
  • He becomes extremely durable and powerful when threatened
  • Self-Übercharge

Faults and Weaknesses

  • His idiocy cancels his ability to regrow limbs.
  • Vagiprincess can be easily killed if shot in the heart , or the head.
  • Vagiprincess is harmless by default , and is passive to most things (unless he's attacked.)
  • Vagiprincess is defenceless without his superior, other Vagis and allies nearby.
  • While his regeneration power is supportive, constant attacks can overwhelm his ability to heal himself. Those with Healing Factor Nullification can put him at a considerable disadvantage due to the fact that the power can remove the said regeneration ability. Furthermore, his regeneration power still doesn't give him immunity to drugs and other hazardous materials, resulting in supreme hold-back. Users with Disintegration, Incineration, or One-Hit Kill are powers that can kill him instantly, also disabling his regeneration ability in the process.


  • Vagiprincess was ordered to be Vagified, so he can revive the extinct Vagiheavy species.
  • Due to Vagiprincess's stupidity, he was sent to Vagi-Preschool, where he's the oldest student after a 3-year long stay.