VeggieBurger is the evil/opposite clone of Mr.BaconShift (Lets all make a freak) and his greatest rival.

He has 2 normal theme songs, one is a sped up version of Sonic Colors "Sweet Mountain Act 1" and a slowed down version of the same song. (


VeggieBurger is a ex-member of the government, and is the complete opposite of Mr.BaconShift, but is still a sniper. His alignment is Neutral Evil and is driven by evil.


When news came to the goverment of the shapeshifter Mr.BaconShift, the goverment wanted their on version of him. They sent out soldiers and scientists to get dna of Mr.BaconShift to make a clone. The president/secret dictator wanted an opposite of _______ so the public doenst know they took dna from _______. What they didnt know is that Mr.BaconShift is techically a good guy, so they accidently made a bad guy. When the making was finally completed in the governments lab, VeggieBurger broke out of his chamber and harmed or killed everything that got in his way. When he got out of the laboratory, he grinned and looked at the world before him. He heard the marching of the soldiers, and started running away while  grinning. He now wanders the land, killing anything in his way to reach his goal to destroy Mr.BaconShift. No one knows the goal he will have if he destroys Mr.BaconShift. But many say it has to do with world domination.

Personality and Behavior

VeggieBurger will kill anything that gets in his way, or to test his powers. He never shows mercy, unless his enemie gives up and wants to join him.

VeggieBurger acts a bit twitchy and insane, especially around ________.


VeggieBurger is a yellow sniper that wears a BLU marsupial man, he also has sleeping darts instead of bullets in his pocket like normal snipers.

Powers and Abilities

  • Veggie Burger has the opposite of Mr.BaconShift powers. He can summon melted cheese in a jar instead of bacon.
  • Veggie Burger can summon cheese weapons (weapons colored yellow).
  • VeggieBurgers only power that is the same as Mr.BaconShift, is that he enlarges when he eats australium.
  • Another power similair to MrVeggieBurger is that when he eats certain cheeses, he will gain the powers of certain classes. He also keeps emergency cheese that gives him powers of other freaks, like bugler with his own version of snyphur, heavphur, painis cupcake which gives him the strength and rage ubercharge, and others like seeman and dic soupcan, the list of freak cheese goes on and on, to even the most dangerous cheese, Nightmare Cheese, which gives him nightmare medic powers, but corrupts him and might kill him and he cant respawn, he never eats this cheese unless its a major emergency, like getting attacked by all his enemies all at once (goverment, authority, Mr.BaconShift, enemies he makes in the future) and is near death.
  • He is still registered as someone in the government, so he can respawn.
  • Since he is the opposite of Mr.BaconShift, he can make tofu and peas taste horrible, even though he is named after a food vegans eat usually eat.]
  • VeggieBurger can also summon Cheese Heavys, the opposite of Bacon Scouts, which are Mr.BaconShift's minions.


  • Since hes the opposite of Mr.BaconShift, bacon can instantly kill him, so both him and Mr.BaconShift can isntantly kill each other, but one can respawn.
  • Hes a bit overconfident, so if someone uses a deadringer or pretends to be dead, he will be fooled, as long as the death looks real.
  • If he doesnt eat cheese for a long time, he will loose his powers, like Mr.BaconShift.


  • Originally VeggieBurger was the name of the "Lets Make a Freak" Freak, but was changed back to blank when the namer was told someone was gonna give the freak a name at the end.
  • VeggieBurger also has the original Appearence of Mr.BaconShift, the "Lets Make a Freak" Freak.

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