Victor Linear
Image (4) - Edited
Creator Captain Huzan
Creation 2009 (Completly diffrent universe)

2014 (TF2 Concept)

Type Human
Alignment Chaotic Evil (Possessed)

Lawful Evil (Current)

Attitude Arrogant

Mixed Feelings

Abilities Taiyō-Taiyō Manipulation
Weaknesses Needs to be in sunlight to recharge his powers
Status Alive
Occupation Mercenary

Victor Linear is a Teamless "Medic" Created by user Captain Huzan


Victor Linear lives 200 Years into the future and had come back to eliminate someone who interfeared with his plans but after doing so. He couldnt get back and instead transferred himself over to the TF2 Freak world to wreak Havoc there


Appearance and Personality

Powers and Abilitys

Victor Linear uses the power of Taiyō (Literally meaning Sunlight) to compel diffrent kinds of attacks at his foes

Faults and Weaknesses

Victors Taiyō ability has no shown faults other than his main weakness being that the sun has to be out for his ability to function correctly.


  • Victor is a oc from a diffrent universe, a japanese anime/manga series to be precise

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