Creator Captain Huzan 2.0
Type Freak
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Post-Apocalyptic Behavior
Fighting style Melee


Abilities Plasma Energy Creation/Manipulation
Status Alive and Reporting for duty
Allies Wife (Deceased)

Hase (Friend that follows Von everywhere

Enemies Icarus (Self Appointed)

Appearance and Personality

Vonguard wears the Stout Shako, The Fondling Father and would wear the cape crusader but it got snagged.


Vonguard does not have a good past with Icarus. He was the one and only (Of what he thinks) after his wife was brutelly smashed to bits. He escaped butt naked from his house as he heard his wife being raped by a machine gun. He countered to a Sorcerer for help and was given the power to controll plasma energy. He now hunts his self sworn enemy Icarus. Missing him by 25 minutes every time

Powers and Abilitys

  • Vonguard can create and manipulate balls of Plasma

Attacks using his Plasma

Powersurge: Vonguard makes a small barrier around a part of himself or his spear

Break: Vonguard focuses his plasma into a small, spherical area to perform a concentrated, explosion-like attack with his fist. But severly damages himself

Faults and Weaknesses

The problem with Vonguards power is that he isonly human. He overuses his Plasma which leaves him in a weakend state and he doesnt care. In the hometown he lives in. No one tries to kill except Icarus



Image (8)-0

Full SFM Vonguard Scheme

Creator Captain Huzan
Type Human
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Loyal

Non humor

Fighting style Ranged
Abilities Multiple Arrow Projection from his hand
Weaknesses Everything

His arrows are wood and are durable to fire but is strong as diamond if the victim is hit by it

Status Alive
Occupation Helping Vonguard
Superiors Vonguard

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