Weasel Bloke
Creator Kyuubiman3
Creation April 13, 2017
Debut Pending
Type Crazy
Alignment Choatic Neutral
Attitude Silly, Goofy
Fighting style Random
Abilities Summon objects
Healing factor
Air manipulation
Weaknesses Stupidity
Status Alive
Occupation Comedian

Weasel Bloke is a BLU Sniper TF2 Freak

His theme is: Item Bounce- Kirby Air Ride

His attack theme:


Weasel Bloke is a BLU Sniper wearing Anger, Outback Intellectual and Teufort tooth kickers

Personality and Behaviour

He's a very silly sniper who loves to make jokes and laugh with others

But when threatened he'll try to start acting smart and use his powers more efficiently

Power and Abilities

His powers are almost completely random like him summoning things from a MvM Tank to a melon

With his telekinesis he can lift heavy objects and himself into the air

If he take off his head it will float in the air and immune to any fire damage

With his air manipulation he can punch and grab people from a short distance

And with his increased healing factor he can survive loss of limbs and deception

He's also good with Pyro's Axe to fight/defend himself from others

Faluts and Weakness

But due to his random mind he's usually out smarted very easily

He still durable as a normal Sniper and can be hurt like one

His biggest weakness is that if Someone hits him in the face with a baseball bat he'll have a windows blue screen on his face before turning into a melon then a random spy eats it before disappearing.

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