Creator Dethdad123
Type Lawful good
Attitude Selfish
Abilities Steel Balls
Weaknesses Supernatural abilities
Status Alive
Occupation None
Superiors No one
Allies Death
Enemies Davon

Wekapipi as he appears in The G Crisis Comic

"Our destiny will be decided by this, and none of us will survive."

— Wekapipi in the G Crisis Comic

Wekapipi as he appears in Heavy Circumstances.

Wekapipi is a Engineer who has too much time on his hand. He is a minor protagonist in The G Crisis series by Dethdad123. He want's nothing more than to meet his destiny be it a brutal death or a peaceful end he will follow the path to his destiny. His theme song is Wake Up People by Soul'd Out


(Taken from the G Crisis comic series) "Life and death are two sides of the same coin." said Wekapipi's father before he died. From that day forward he wished to see the meaning of his father's final words. Searching for death among the land he traveled. Suddenly one day he met a man named Davon and asked for death. Davon gave him a taste of death and cut his right hand to pieces. He passed out hoping for death but then awoke inside of the tomb of the ancient gods of POOT. He saw a vision of the gods of old coming down and taking a man to his doom. Then the god's looked at him as he blacked out once again. He awoke where he once was with a mysterious robotic hand that had some sort of magic infused with it. He also awakened with strange balls attached to him that he could use as weapons or defenses.


  • He is named after the song Wake Up people or Wekapipo as it is known in Japan.
  • His steel balls are called Bad Things based off the song of the same name.
    Heavy Circumstances04:18

    Heavy Circumstances

    Die Die my sweet Magenta man06:02

    Die Die my sweet Magenta man

    The Breaking! Davon vs Wekapipi!04:52

    The Breaking! Davon vs Wekapipi!


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