Wreckage is a fast robot scout with strong weapons and high agility.

Creator Trytix
Creation 15.05.2015
Type Combat Robot
Alignment Lawfull Evil
Fighting style Mid-short range
Abilities Super speed
Powerfull weapounry
Electricity resistance
Weaknesses Lack in durability
Status Online
Occupation Fast suport and attack unit
Allies Pyrocannon
Infiltrator Agents
Enemies Stryder Scout


Wreckage appears as a scout robot with heavier blue colour, a Bolt boy visor in same colour, a Sentry Minigun on the left shoulder, and a three rune blade.


Wreckage is very scout like in behavior, he thinks he is way better than everybody else and he acts very selfish. His programing made him like this after a glitch in the system occurred when he was about to turn online for the first time.


Wreckage is a very fast scout robot which was made with powerful weapons. SEW (Surveillance Efficiency and Weaponizing) wanted a robot with huge agility, fast movement and heavy weapons, and they build Wreckage, who could run at a speed of 400%. They had planed to make him run at 500% but it was simply not possible due to the heavy weapons he carries.


Wreckage is very agile and fast moving, and can jump huge distancees. He has got very powerful weapons like a huge minigun on his left shoulder, and his energy pulses. He also has a electricity and EMP resistance device. This makes him capable of not getting stunned or deactivated by EMP's.

The Heavy Mini-gun can shoot at a much higher firing rate than normal sentry guns, and can also move in multiple different directions like it has a mind of it's own.

Wreckage has got a sword to which he uses to slice opponents apart while in high speed, this makes the impact become much much heavier. If Wreckage was to loose his sword, he would just start to fist-fight the opponent at a very high speed.

He can also shoot energy pulses from he's hands, theese take small damage, but can otherwise stunn enemies. This weapon takes no time to charge up and can be used alot of times.


Wreckage is not very durable because of his speed and weapons. He can survive just slightly the same amount of damage as a normal heavy does. Since he is very selfish and sees himself as the best that is, he can be easily tricked.

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