Creator MrGameAnalyst
Creation 27 September 2015 (Concept)
Type Planet Deity
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Strict
Fighting style Variety
Abilities Absolute Immortality
Planet Manipulation
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed
Status Immortal
Occupation Enity

Zai is a BLK/RED Sniper TF2 Freak created by MrGameAnalyst.


3000 years ago, People wondered how Planets were made. During the creation of the Milky Way. Stood Enitys that created the Planets. Zai, Mani and Sol. They created separate Planets of their own. Zai was responsible for the creation of Mars. Mani was the creation of the Moon. And Sol was the creation of the Sun. Except Zai was the non-friendliest.

Zai would try to steal their Energy. That wasn't all. Sol and Mani became enemies. The Creator of Humanity and all the Planets. Eka was not pleased of their actions. Zai left in the action and went to his Planet. This lead to the creation of Aliens. Zai sent the Aliens to attack Earth but Mani protected Earth. Zai was angry and tackled Mani out of the sky, Mani blasted him into Zai's planet. Mercenaries and Freaks all around wondered what the hell was going on up there.

Powers and Abilities

Zai has multiple abilities, Planet Manipulation, Teleportation, Enhanced Strength and Speed. Which is all his most strongest abilities.

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