Zhoom (pronounced as "Zoom") is a WHT Soldier TF2 Freak created by Scarifar1.


Zhoom wears a shoulder guard which serves both as protection and as a means of summoning his weapon. He also wears a Furious Fukaamigasa.

Powers and Abilities

Archery Mastery: Zhoom wields a bow called a Kojaku that he can form out of spiritual energy, and fires arrows called Heilig Pfeil, which are made of the same material. He is able to fire multiple arrows at once, more so than any ordinary archer would be able to.

Hirenkyaku: Zhoom is able to perform high-speed movements by creating energy under his feet and "riding" on its flow. It's speed is just as fast as a Shinigami's Flash Step, if not faster. He is also able to float in the air using it, granting him increased mobility.

Enhanced Stamina: Zhoom is able combine Hirenkyaku with his arrows and fire a powerful barrage of arrows at his opponent, while showing little to no sign of fatigue.

Seele Schneider: If forced into melee combat, he has a sword-like weapon called a Seele Schneider, which is made of spiritual energy. It can steal an opponent's energy, whether from an attack or physical form (such as an Ubercharge), and add it to his own. He can even fire this weapon from his bow.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • If Zhoom continuously fires arrows without pause, they will eventually harm his hands.
  • He normally keeps his distance from his opponent, especially if they are melee fighters, in order to make full use of his bow. In addition, he is not nearly as proficient with his Seele Schneider as he is with his Kojaku.
  • Durability-wise, he is inferior to high-rank TF2 Freaks.


  • Zhoom is based off a Quincy in the anime Bleach.