"How many times have you died i'm getting impressed"
Zniper after killing Zombified Zombie slayer many times
2013-11-16 00011
Creator MrFlipmaster12
Creation 11/16/13 (DevainART and concept)
Type Henchman
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Murderous
Fighting style Short to mid range
Status Undead
Occupation Killer
Superiors Dr. CharlesMann
Allies Majora
Enemies Zombie Slayers

Everyone and more

Zniper is a RED sniper created by youtube user MrFlipmaster12


Zniper appears to be a RED sniper wearing Cursed Sniper Voodoo soul and halloween headgear

Behavior and Personality

Zniper is Murderous but he murders his victims brutally by stabbing them multiple times or by dismembering them he kills people only if hes ordered to by Dr. CharlesMann or if hes attacked or sees them

Powers and Abilites

Super human strength

Strong arms

Strong teeth

can survive 10-30 stabs 

can survive 5-10 shots from bow and arrow

Faults and Weaknesses

Can take fall damage from any thing thats 100ft tall or longer

Zniper can get killed by jumping off a cliff

Zniper can get killed by 10-30 stabs but 31 stabs oftenly kills him

Zniper can get kiled from 5-10 shots but 11 to be powerful enough to kill him


the Z in Zniper stands for zombie